P-1 is the subject of this website.  He is truly a medical miracle because he is the very first patient on record who has been able to reverse the effects of Alzheimer's Disease.  Thus the name P-1 (1st patient).  He is a very pleasant 85 years old male.  He is of higher income, higher education (Dentist), and very physically active.  His dentition is NOT intact - he is missing tooth #29.  In addition, he has had extensive dental work including 2 root canals.  He is very healthy, despite a history of auto-immunity, specifically: R/A; Periodontal Disease; PMR; Hypothyroidism; and newly suspected Sjorgren's Syndrome.  When P-1 has been allowed to follow the protocols on this website, his condition (medically documented) has drastically improved.  But unfortunately, P-1's treatment has continually been interrupted - which reverses all improvements.  Currently, P-1 is not doing well.  And time may have run out for this intensely fierce man.  Which is why this website was developed - Our hope is that, through Curing-Alzheimer's.com and the telling of P-1's story, P-1 can hopefully help us find the Cure for Alzheimer's Disease.   

The Team

Anna "Tenacity Times Ten"

Anna has been helping P-1 find answers to what had been stealing his mind.  What started out as being a second set of ears became a full time / part time job of advocating for someone that doctors simply could not diagnose or cure.  Her relentless search to find a more compatible diagnosis (and cure) has connected her to researchers across the world. These genius pioneers have graciously shared their own research and thoughts on the topic without hesitation.

Anna received her BA from the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism.

Victoria Marie

Victoria graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BS in Psychology and minor in Neuroscience. She currently manages P-1's Dental Clinic while preparing to attend Medical School.  Her role in this journey has been to vet out neuroscience journal articles of relevance to P-1's cognitive decline.

Weston Thomas

Weston is currently attending the University of Minnesota where he is working toward degrees in Chemistry (CSE) and Biology (CBS) and ultimately plans to receive a MD/PhD.  His role in this journey is to vet out chemical and biology journal articles of relevance to P-1's cognitive decline.